There’s no need to contact several companies to try and handle your litigation and court reporting needs. Accu-Type Depositions offers comprehensive services in reporting, litigation support, transcription services and video services. We specialize in complex litigation and provide consistently precise, high quality and timely court reporting services to the legal profession. Our wide range of services include real time reporting with certified real time reporters, daily copy, in-house video services, including video text synchronization, reproduction of oversized documents, e- transcripts, document depository and more. Plus, we can also provide the recording and transcribing of public meetings, and CD/DVD production of recorded depositions and hearings.

Imagine taking the deposition of an expert witness in Seattle or New York City or even Bejing or Dubai at 1:00 in the afternoon and then making it home right there in your own hometown in time for dinner with the family! This, without ever stepping foot on a plane!!! Videoconferencing makes it possible. It is the perfect solution for dealing with the hassle and high cost of travel, and the pressure of deadlines that exist in the legal industry. Accu-Type Depositions offers full-service videoconferencing on site. Depositions, expert consultations, partner meetings, client and co-counsel conferences, witness/trial preparation, arbitration, negotiations, settlement proceedings and recruitment interviews are only a few of the uses of videoconferencing. We will be happy to arrange all of the details of your conference and let you enjoy a hassle-free, travel-free experience. Let us show you how we can save you time, money and headaches with our broadcast quality videoconferencing services.